Kuruoğlu Chili Pepper turns into the "Uniqe Hot You like" thanks to his exclusive soil, sun, aqua and production process, distinct from the other hots all around the world.

Category : SPICES | ZAČINI

Family                   : Solanaceae

Latin                       : Capsicum annum

French                   : Piment rouge, Poivre de cayenne

English                  : Paprika, Cayenne pepper, Red pepper

German                 : Paprika, Cayennepfeffer

Origin                     : Kahramanmaraş and Gaziantep provinces in Turkey.

Use for Health    : 1-2 g. chili pepper can be used as pill (by putting in a capsule) and also by mixing with honey.

Cuisine                      : Can be used in Salads, pasties, Circassian chicken, Hungarians' naitonal dish"Gulash", soups, meaty dishes, some kind of sauces and Italian spaghetti tomato sauce.

Cosmetic                  : None.

Additional Info     : Also called: Indian Pepper, Hungarian Pepper, Turkish Pepper. Chili pepper is cooked with egg and eaten in order to prevent cold and flu. Ayur Veda(ancient Indian medicine) says; to get rid of depression; 1,5 gr. chili pepper and 1,5 gr. black pepper are mixed with 1 spoon of honey and drink with milk. Chili Pepper mostly grows in South East of Turkey, the most in Gaziantep and Islahiye, but it is  called Maraş Pepper. Chili Pepper is grounded roughly in stonemill by only adding edible salt and oil.